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29 Jun 2017

Bully for Buck

by Vicki Mandel

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Bully for Buck is a rhyming picture book perfect for a 4 year old or older child.
Buck, a happy boy who wears braces on his legs, is walking to the park to play with friends. On his way, he encounters a bully whose mean words baffle and scare him. Find out what happens when Buck, with the support of some friends, confronts his bully and learns something that surprises him.

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26 Jun 2017

The Journey of Needs-joy: A Bible Study in the Form of an Allegory

by Leana Christenson

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About The Journey of Needs-joy: The Journey of Needs-joy is an allegory. It is the story of a Christian woman's struggle with depression and doubt. She is seeking joy, so her pastor sends her on an imaginary journey where she learns to seek the Father rather than His gift of joy. In the end, she finds both. She meets amazing characters on her journey; many types of people, angels, demons, and the tempter. She see visions and has prophetic dreams. She witnesses Jesus' crucifixion through the eyes of the Centurion at the cross and she learns first hand what...